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The core activity of the City of Ljubljana’s Public Housing Fund (PHF) is the resolution of residents’ housing problems, specifically the allocation of non-profit housing for rent.

The PHF is the central institution for the implementation of the City of Ljubljana’s housing policy for the next medium-term period and the city’s housing programme, as well as administrative tasks in the area of housing over which the city has jurisdiction.

With respect to the supply of housing, the PHF encourages the construction of new housing and the improvement of the quality of existing housing. It also ensures the construction of non-profit housing, the renovation and maintenance of owner-occupied housing and apartment buildings.

In accordance with the City of Ljubljana’s housing programme, the PHF is responsible for maintaining lease relationship in connection with housing.

The core activity of the City of Ljubljana’s Public Housing Fund (PHF) is the resolution of residents’ housing problems, specifically the allocation of non-profit housing for rent.


Other activities of the City of Ljubljana’s PHF

  1. the drafting and implementation of the city’s housing programme;
  2. investment and co-investment in the construction of real estate that represent functionally whole housing units (residential or residential-commercial buildings with the associated parking places);
  3. the purchase or other acquisition of apartment buildings, apartments and housing units primarily for the purpose of providing non-profit rental units;
  4. to operate and manage housing and real estate defined as dedicated assets of the PHF in accordance with Article 12 of the relevant ordinance;
  5. to carry out all procedures for the allocation and exchange of housing;
  6. management of the housing fund and other real estate that represent an integral part of dedicated funds;
  7. to provide substitute housing due to renovation work, destruction, change in the intended use of building or the elimination of slum areas owned by the city or the PHF, and the implementation of the development plans of the city or PHF, including privatisation according to the Housing Act, if a housing unit is owned by the PHF;
  8. the privatisation of housing that the founder transferred to the dedicated funds of the PHF under the Housing Act;
  9. the performance of tasks in connection with the acquisition of housing in accordance with city’s housing programme or by the decision of the Mayor of the City of Ljubljana referred to in the third paragraph of Article 6 of the relevant ordinance, and in connection with the disposal of the city’s real estate managed by the PHF, including tasks associated with land register entries for the aforementioned real estate;
  10. the provision of lending services to citizens for housing needs;
  11. management of the physical assets of the founder;
  12. the raising of loans for investments in housing;
  13. the performance of administrative tasks in the area of housing under the jurisdiction of the founder; and
  14. the performance of other legally prescribed tasks and tasks in connection with the implementation of the national housing programme.



  1. Gold medal for new construction – Celje Trade Fair 2013
  2. Recognition for best improvement in public administration – Premik naprej (Moving Forward) 2016
  3. Implementation of the Sonček Cerebral Palsy Association project – 2018



  1. LGBT-friendly, 2015
  2. Family-friendly company, 2018
  3. Health-friendly organisation, 2018


The City of Ljubljana’s PHF allocates non-profit housing via public tenders. Taking account the principle of reciprocity, those entitled to non-profit housing include the citizens of EU Member States with permanent residence in the City of Ljubljana. Notwithstanding citizenship, all applicants wishing to secure the right to the renting of non-profit housing must also meet the other general conditions envisaged in the rules and text of a specific tender. For more information regarding public tenders, click on the following link.

Individuals and families that have found themselves in sudden and severe problems may also apply for the renting of residential units. Both citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and foreign nationals are entitled to housing units. Foreign nationals that apply for housing units must be residents, meaning they have been issued a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia. The same rule applies to Slovenian citizens and foreign nationals, i.e. they must have permanent residence in the City of Ljubljana. For more information regarding the conditions and procedure for securing a residential unit, click on the following link.

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